Ideas for potting bench outdoor space

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  1. I have a six foot width of space on the side of my house that can be used for outdoor storage. I'm thinking about creating a potting bench area there, enclosed by a privacy fence and gate. (It would be bordered by the backyard fence, my garage, and the property border.) The length can be as long as I want.

    Here are pics of some ideas I have so far, which includes items I have that can be repurposed. I like the idea of using pavers for the base, to keep the potting bench and other items nicer. I may put a deck storage bench out there to store outdoor materials like sand, rocks, maybe fertilizer or mulch? Also I have a couple of large planters. I am trying to get some of this stuff out of the garage, but I'd also like this to be a cute outdoor space. Fence is natural cedar, house is painted white. I'm also thinking about hanging solar lights above the potting bench but they will be lit at night, but if the area is enclosed and gate locked do I need to be worried about theft? This stuff is not super valuable.

    Do you have more suggestions?


    Also looking to add value to the home. Do you think buyers would appreciate a space like this? Investment is minimal, mostly DIY work for me.
  2. I don't know about other buyers but WOAH I am the type of person who would appreciate this space in a home! In fact, it may seal the deal for me (I like gardening that much).

    You did not mention if that area has a faucet? My little gardening nook has access to a tap so that's super useful.. Mine is literally just a tap on a wall, with no sink or anything.. so if possible, you can consider a "designed" tap area (I don't know what to call it).. something like this (but better, of course.. this is just a photo off the net I found):
  3. Cute idea!

    Unfortunately it would be impractical to plumb that area since water freezes here. I could stage it with a big watering can.

    I'm glad to hear you like spaces like this.
  4. I love the idea and think it can absolutely add value.
    In fact, as part of our landscaping last year, I did pavers almost identical to your pic. Mine lead to the steps though.

    Either way I love them, and paid to have it done.

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    Thanks BPC. Your pavers look great!

    I'm thinking about getting a couple of hose pots so that I don't have to store wet hoses in the garage. Do any of you use hose pots? Are they more convenient than dragging the hose off a hook and unwinding it?

    They are expensive and I haven't seen any that go well with my theme and color scheme, so I thought I would try making two of them out of galvanized tubs. I would have to drill holes and seal them so they don't cut the hose or fingers.

  6. If installing an outdoor tap isn't possible you might consider buying a super-heavy duty garden hose and running it from a faraway outdoor tap by burying it under dirt/wood chips/gravel/your deck etc. Plant bushes over it at strategic spots where it might be exposed. We have a hose that runs halfway around the exterior of the house to reach a garden on the far side of the lot. Works great. We have a double-headed spigot with a lever to direct the water in the proper direction. We haven't had to replace the hose in years, so long as we remember to drain the water and disconnect it from the spigot before winter.
  7. We use a hose reel. Looks something like the first pic I posted. Not very pretty but it's easy to wind and unwind without getting kinks.

    I'm thinking of getting something prettier though, like in the second pic. Think it would look very cute in a garden and it's not expensive.

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  8. Thanks for the coments on the hoses.

    I would want something portable. I found this similar cart and I think I should try it, once I have a place to store it. Had to google how to drain the hose though.


    The style goes with the decor in my front yard (chair, doormats, shepherd's hooks and lanterns), but I would want to keep it behind a locked fence.

    It sounds like these hose reels would be a lot easier to use than pulling out the hoses, then draining them and winding them up.
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