Ideas for pet odor removal needed

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  1. I run a small pet shelter from my home and have trouble keeping things clean and odor free. I clean the kennels regularly, but the smell from the urine and feces remains. I need a product that is safe to use around pets and will get rid of the smell. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  2. plain white vinegar add some water and mop floors with it. DO NOT use on marble floors.
  3. Enzyme cleaners.
  4. Im not too sure, but the first thing that came to my mind was maybe a baking soda/water mixture?

    The vinegar idea sounds good!
  5. Petzyme. it is all natural and i've been using it for every pet smell/stain. i've used it around my puppy and it works really quickly. my neighbor also recommends Nature's Miracle. both products can be found at the pet store (i've bought mine from Petsmart).
  6. Spot Shot works great at removing stains from carpets but it leaves a bit of a chemical smell.

    OdorBan has a strong eucalyptus scent that works very well to remove odors. I buy it at Sams club.
  7. if you have spots on carpet (from pets peeing), i read that you should get a syringe and fill it with vinegar and shoot it in the carpet. you want to use a syringe so that you can get it down into the carpet pad where most of the pet order lingers - which is why pets often go in the same spot over and over on carpets because even tho you think you got it up off the carpet, it has seeped down into the carpet pad.
  8. Nature's miracle works for me - it is an enzyme cleaner
  9. That's what we use & it works well. It's readily available - we pick ours up at PetSmart.
  10. Another vote for Nature's Miracle. It does indeed work miracles!
  11. i use an enzyme cleaner called Simple Solution. i get it at Petco - works great.
  12. I use OUT from Walmart. It works great on cat pee and odors.
  13. I have no luck with Nature's Miracle. We use Anti Icky Poo which has a stupid name but works well. Google it for online stores; I've never found it in a brick-and-mortar store.
  14. When i was looking at litter boxes in the cat section i noticed they had some litterbox air freshers.