Ideas for my 2nd LV?

  1. It's been a year since my first and only LV purchase (Monogram Papillon 26)! And I am itching to buy another LV so my P26 won't be so lonely.:crybaby:

    As a busy New Yorker, I would like to purchase a shoulder bag so I can keep my hands free while I shop. So I'm thinking about getting either a Monogram BH or a Neverfull PM. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks so much!:heart:
  2. I really love the BH, to be honest that is my favorite! I know you asked for others but I love that one! The Saleya in Azur is a beautiful bag as well, and it fits your criteria. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. a Popincourt Haut! It's a good size for an everyday bag, and it's really cute!

    The BH and Neverfull are both good, but they're both open-top. I hate carrying open-top bags in the city, I get really paranoid, so I try to stick with zip top bags!

    Other good shoulder bags that I like are the Beverly MM, the Tikal GM, and the Cabas Piano. Do you definitely want something in mono? Otherwise you could try the Saleya in Damier or Damier Azur, or maybe the Hampstead in Damier!
  4. I would go for the saleya mm in either azur or ebony, both are gorgeous!
  5. I would go for a Saleya, Neverfull, or Batignolles. Those are all very practical and hold a lot. So you'll have a fun bag (the papillon) that's more dressier and a go-to bag for everyday. :smile:
  6. Yeah the BH and Popincourt Haut are really great bags, it's a tough decision between the two! There's a few vernis bags that are also hands free that I really like that are tote bag-ish, as well as some great damier azur ones. Are you only going for mono?
  7. 2nd the Saleya suggestion. I have to have a zipper top, and rules out many shoulder bags.
  8. I prefer Mono but I'm openminded to try something new! :smile: Thanks for your input everyone!
  9. I have the bh and really love the bag. I would be concerned about an open top bag, although I think the internal zipper pocket is large enough for a small wallet or credit card case to keep it secure. Good luck!
  10. Bh or what about the new Congo?
  11. Popincourt Haut, as suggested is an excellent choice!
  12. Damier saleya!
  13. Popincourt Haut, I have it and love it. You can adjust the straps to use as a shoulder bag, or a hand carry. I can fit a ton in it too.
  14. I have a BH and I love it
  15. Another vote for the Popincourt Haut. It's a very practical bag.