Ideas for KIDS?

  1. I have my kids enrolled in a ton of activities, however it's about 3 weeks away. Need new, fun, creative ideas on entertaining the young mind. Any suggestions and or input is welcomed:heart:!
  2. take them to a zoo,amusemt park in your area?
    ORIENTALtrading has great craft kits u can order on line..for all ages.
    Bake cookies...have them decorate them
  3. You can take them swimming, to a museum, have you checked your local library they usually have lots of activities.
  4. check out the library. most have reading "camps" that have prizes and such for hitting certain milestones. It is also great weather for a nature hike. gather some leaves, flowers, etc. and then look them up on the internet to study at home.

    You could also plant a small garden with them, and let them help take care of it by watering, weeding, etc. They will love helping out and then reaping the rewards of fresh fruit and veggies! You'd be surprised at how yummy kids think veggies are when they grow them themselves. LOL
  5. -go to the library, book reading hour at Barnes & Noble

    -Local Festivals, local children's classes (baking, gymnastics)

    -local beach or swimming pool

    -Painting projects, cut out items from magazines and have them make collages.

    -painting with shaving cream (they can color it with food coloring)

    -Take them to a movie (the new pixar one) or local play

    -Visit a nature center, farm, or aquarium
  6. How old are they? It might be fun to help walk dogs at a local no-kill animal shelter.
  7. They are quite young, elementary age.
    Walking dogs sounds like a great idea, but then, it's a struggle to leave w/o one!:crybaby:
  8. Take them somewhere where they can fly a kite
  9. Take them to see a movie, but make sure it's one you can all talk about afterwords, like an educational one, one that has the values you find important or one that makes you think.
  10. a water activity camp (surfing, swimming, sailing or related)

    i get worn out entertaining the kids, i think they have more fun with other children their age
  11. If you live near a beach, you can picnic there and maybe fly kites.

    Go to a library or book store for reading hour.

    "Cook" (let them help make simple summer treats)

    Plant a little garden (easy to grow flowers or even veggies!)