Ideas for great engagement gift for my little brother & his awesome fiance?

  1. My little brother (I still consider him "little", even though he's tall, built, and 29 next month :p) just got engaged before Christmas. His fiance is amazing. Seriously, if I could pick the perfect girl to have as a sister-in-law...she'd be the one.

    I want to get them a great, unique engagement gift. I really don't have a set budget for it (but do need to keep it within reason, say <$200).

    The only tricky thing is they live in Canada, so I will need to either find it there or find it here in the US and ship it across the border and deal with duty, customs, etc.

    Please help me! I would love to hear your ideas!
  2. this is more of a perfect wedding gift... but you will need one of those soon too :smile: my sister in law who is very thoughtful, gave us a glass box and the glass lid is engraved with the exact letters/font/wording of our wedding invitation. we keep candy in it or whatever but it is so subtle and we love it... she ordered it from tiffany...

    when we got engaged my mother in law gave me a little crystal ring holder. it seemed like an odd little gift but i use it all the time...
  3. aww my brothers need to get engaged..married...something! haha

    I think something really personal would be best. Why not get them a gift certificate to get their Engagement pictures done... i think that would be super cute. I love engagement pictures ;]
    You could easily look for photographers in their area online .

    Oh and when shipping items to Canada its not really as difficult as it seems. You dont have to deal with Duty and Customs. lol I used to ship items to Toronto all the time, you just send it out like any other package you would send within the US... nothing difficult or crazy complicated.
  4. One thing that my DH and I recieved that I just LOVED was our wedding invitation, framed and handpainted. They had taken it to a professional artist and had flowers and twine painted around the edges, then had it framed. It meant to much because it was so personal and unique. Still hanging in our hallway now! :yes:
  5. I agree that something customized just for them would be perfect. I still have a picture hanging in my hallway that we were given before our wedding that was 18 years ago! It's a picture of the two of us (a candid) that someone took and had framed professionally. I just love it. Anything engraved would be nice, too.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions! Much appreciated!
  7. One of my sister's in law embroidered our full names (took up some room!) and the date of our wedding. It wasn't quite finished when we got married, but she did wrap what was done and then took it back so she could finish it.

    It's my most treasured piece. I'm thinking if you can't embroider, you can get someone to do it for you. Seriously, anything that commemorates the date is appreciated!
  8. Money in an envelope.