Ideas for first-time LV bag with target price of ~$1000?

  1. After being heavily influenced by my boyfriend to owning LV, he's offered to buy me my first bag (as he just bought me my first wallet, too). Our target price is around $1000 (plus or minus, umm let's say $300), because I prefer medium-sized bags and he prefers something not so common/ordinary.

    I was about to get the Globe Shopper Cabas PM last Christmas but it sold out already. Now nothing has really caught my eye since then except for the Stamped PM which is out of the price range.

    Actually I want a Josephine PM but he will not agree to buy it since he thinks it looks too "normal." :Push:

    I need help! Do you have any suggestions?!?!
  2. I would go with some kind of Speedy for your 1st LV. I just got mine and I :heart: it! :flowers:
  3. Speedies are normal IMO. If you want something a little different try another mono bag or something in damier. Maybe the BH or BV?
  4. I would suggest speedy because it's classic about the trouville? It's medium sized and not a common bag that you see on the street every day & they're around 1K in mono.
    Also...the popincourt bags are also nice and come in different sizes.
    The batignolles bags comes in 3 sizes and are not something you see on the street every day either.
  5. au contraire, your first LV doesn't have to be a Speedy. my Speedy 25 was beyond my 5th LV :yes:.

    if you want a shoulder bag, then the Popincourt Haut or Batignolles Horizontal would be nice.

    for a handheld, the Trouville is a great bag, or maybe even an Alma in Mono or Damier (although God knows i don't like the shape, but that's just me :P)
  6. How about a mono lockit?:graucho:
  7. I have been collecting LV for a while now, and still don't have a mono speedy! I just find it too common. I think for your first LV you should get something that really catches your eye, something you love. The best way to select something would be to go into the store and try lots of bags on.:flowers:
  8. I have to agree with elongreach, I personally think the speedy is to normal, don't get me wrong I think the speedy is a timeless classic that is a wardrobe staple for any LV fan, But it sounds like your after something alot more unusual!
    Why don't you try something from the epi range, IMO the pieces in the line are gorgeous, and are aviliable in lots of beautiful colours, so i'm sure there will be a colour to suit you and your wardrobe.
    Good Luck and let us know what you deceide on!
  9. Thanks! I will go take a look at the ones you all mentioned..

    In fact, my boyfriend just saw the Lockit and decided he liked that, but I'm too unsure about the bottom getting dirty...

    Anyway I want to keep looking at other models!
  10. For that amount, I really like the BH, Lockit Horizontal, Suhali Lockit PM(I think that's about 2K, though?), papillon 30, Denim Baggy PM(really like the Lichen Green right now), and Vernis Brentwood in Framboise.
  11. you could go for a Perfo Speedy, classic but with a twist & not something you see very often. Epi is always a head turner, something bright & cheery like red or the discontinued & becoming rare to find Mandarin. Gorgeous blue Epi Noe is always a good choice. Damier has some gorgeous pieces that you don't see on everyone at the mall.
    Damier Belem Mm & Knightsbridge are great bags that are really unique, hold them & see how they open. You will be happiest if you try on everything & then choose your perfect bag. Happy hunting!
  12. Well, the Speedy was just a suggestion. :shrugs: I guess I'd just say try on lots of bags and see what hits you. You'll know the right one when you see it. :flowers:
  13. I suggest Damier Ribera MM, I have one and it's a "power bag" in my opinion.
  14. i agree. i fell in love with the damier belem pm. it's my first and only LV! get something that you love. the first LV has to feel like love. :tender:
  15. I went to the LV Boutique to get a speedy for my first purchase and I actually left with a BH. I love it.