Ideas for a steamer?

  1. Hey guys, I just started my diet a couple weeks ago. Anyway, it requires me to cook most of my food in a steamer, and although I have been following it... I find chicken cooked this way to be most tasteless. Do you have any interesting recipes/ideas on what I can add to it to make it tastier?? I would be so thankful hehe I don't want to drop it but I food is supposed to make your taste buds feel good!
    Thanks for any input beforehand!
  2. I love spicy food - can you try putting fresh salsa on your chicken? That doesn't have many calories and it's healthy too! Also try steaming with herbs and spices but not too much salt...good luck!!
  3. BBQ sauces have close to zero calories.

    The best ones are to be found at your local BBQ cafe. Many will sell their secret BBQ sauce by the pint. Money well spent.

  4. I love fish steamed with ginger and scallion. Yum! You could try it with chicken. I like to drizzle a little soysauce afterwards.
  5. have you tried steamed tilapia? very simple recipe. when you're at the fish market, have it cleaned for you. once you get home, rinse it quickly under cold water. slice some onions and green peppers and place them on top of the tilapia. then layer on few springs of scallion, some ginger and a dash of oil. it'll be ready after ~15 minutes of steaming
  6. Awesome!! I've got some new ideas to try now! I've also been told mustard is a good complement but I'm worried about the calories in it.. anyway guys, thanks for the wonderful advice! And anyone else coming to see this thread, do comment if you have any more please. :p
  7. i cook everything with a touch of salt and pepper. that might help the chicken with some taste.... the japanese stores also have this mushroom dressing in a bottle that i love to pour over steam chicken... Yummy!
  8. steam the chicken with pieces of celery, carrots and green onion
  9. The flavor in mustard comes from ground mustard seed. You can buy the powdered mustard if you want. You can also grow a mustard plant and use the greens...
  10. i have a stackable steamer so wthat you can steam several dishes at the same time. i find that if you put veggies on the bottom and the meat on top (with some celery and carrot and onion pieces in with the meat) the veggie steam will help give the meat (or fish or chicken) flavour.
    i tend to mostly steam fish though. i find that chicken and beef don't taste as well. chicken will taste way better if you grill it in a foreman grill so that there's 0 fat.
  11. Thanks guys!! Everything sounds delicious :drool: . Y'all are the best!!
  12. steam asparagus with a little lemon pepper seasoning, and a squeeze of fresh lemon
  13. steam fish with some soy sauce, ginger and spring onion. yummmmy!

    i don't know about chicken though... :sad:
  14. add some herbs to your steamer to infuse the chicken eith flavour. rosemary is nice.