Ideas, Do you know what this is ?

  1. [​IMG]

    is that the check book cover ?
  2. No, the actual checkbook cover has the LV's and flowers going horizontal. This one is vertical so it's probably the pocket agenda used as a wallet or I think there's another vertical one like this too.
  3. It is the pocket agenda...which I use as a checkbook cover, fits perfectly. Here is the inside.

  4. i thought the thread was about the picture in the i have this pocket organizer in damier...nice...still haven't used it yet lol
  5. could also be a porte valeurs as well. both have the lv's going vertical
  6. Lol yeah the checkbook cover has a horizontal pattern. My mom has used hers for years so I know it by heart hehe.
    But yeah I'm thinking it could be the Porte Valeurs.
  7. It's not the checkbook cover!
    I have one and, like Rebecca has already said, the LV's go horizontally.
    Pocket agenda or Porte Valeurs....I'm thinking Pocket Agenda
  8. thanks ladies.
  9. once again..

    don't forget the gentlemen too.. frozen and I aren't ladies...:p
  10. Sorry!
    thanks ladies and Gent's