ideas about my future LV..

  1. hi everyone... I have 3 bags now.. small but growing quickly.. I started to buy nearly 6 months ago.I have..

    neverfull mm
    azur speedy 30
    epi black speedy 25

    nearly all of you has great collections. my next purchases will be :heart:epi red alma, mono speedy 30, damier speedy 30, X bag in cassis, manhattan:heart:... do you have any idea about the next ones for a starter collection. please tell me about your 3 favorite LV for a newbe not the LE ONES.
  2. i think that a papillion is a really good place to start, its a shoulder bag, and so practical.
  3. -Alma
  4. - something vernis to spice up the collection
    - petit noe
    - tivoli gm (pm if you have a small frame)
  5. -something denim like the neo speedy or neo cabby
    -something MC like the speedy 30 or alma
    -something vernis
  6. I love the tivoli, although I don't own it myself yet...
  7. That red epi alma you were thinking about would add some colorful spice to your collection if you don't want to jump into a vernis piece. Add some LV color with a bag or a cles as an accent piece. Everyone needs a cles.
  8. yes you are right queenmab.. I am thinking about the new vernis cles in violette or pomme... thnaks for your advice.
  9. yes I like the neo caddy and mc alma...
    I love vernis collection but not my style I think... :rolleyes:too much shine. but I am thinking about the new vernis cles. thanks for your advice.
  10. nickkyvintage and theglamorous thanks for your adviceses... I think mono papillon will be a very nice piece for my growing collection...
  11. Mono speedy 30 and 35
    Red epi alma
    Petite noe in epi blue or black
  12. Papillon...classic
    And all of them come out in many colors so you can choose!!! I think that you can't go wrong with these bags...relatively affordable and special in a way!!!
    Good luck and hope your collection turns bigger and bigger....
  13. Speedy 30 in mono
    Something in Multicolore
    Pouchette accessories
  14. Speedy damier Azur
    Damier Azur Salaya PM
    Epi Eugenie wallet

    is going to be my next 3 purchase.... maybe in different order...haha...
  15. thanks everyone...