Ideal weight?

  1. What should be the ideal weight for an Asian girl who is 5'3 with a small/regular build?
  2. Your ideal weight is 1.76 lbs for every inch of your body. Multiply 1.76 times your height in inches (63). Your ideal weight should be 110.88 lbs. Also keep in mind that muslce weighs more than fat, so if you lift weights and gain muscle you can easiy look this size without having to get down to this weight necessarily. Hope this helps.
  3. The fine print
    Our ideal weight ranges assume you're an adult with an average build and activity level, and are based on standard BMI ranges. These ranges aren't relevant for children, pregnant women, very muscular people, or professional athletes.

    ^^ That's what always gets me about these ideal weight things.

    Also, it's only 1.75 per inch for the lower end of the ideal weight spectrum. Your ideal weight it between two weights, not one specific number.
  4. where on earth did you hear that calculation?

    this comes to a very low weight for most people-

    I would look like I was dying if I weighed 114 (I'm 5'5)

    as long your your bmi is in a healthy range (or even not if you are very athletic,) and your are maintaining at that weight while eating a normal, healthy diet you are at your body's ideal weight.

    that number is going to be a bit different for everyone...

    I have a lot of close friends who are around your height and most weigh around 115-120 and wear a size 2ish and look quite healty.
  5. Everyone's body type is different and that's way to broad to pinpoint a figure. People store weight very differently. Someone who's 5'3 with a small build that weighs 110 pounds may look completely different than someone else with those same numbers.

  6. That's what I was thinking!!! :wtf:

    Where DID that come from, Hollywood or the fashion runways?
  7. All the charts and formulas don't really take into account a person's build and muscle to fat ratio, etc. When I do that formula I come out to a couple of pounds over what I weigh and I could actually lose ten pounds and still be healthy because I have a very petite build.
  8. Whoa I don't think that calculation is right!

    I'm 5'7" and so that multiplied by 1.76 is 117 pounds! I would look like I was 2 seconds from passing out due to malnutrition if I weighed 117!!!! I currently weigh around 140 and I'm a size 4 and I have a good deal of muscle mass.

    I heard that it was 100 pounds for 5 ft. and then for every inch you add 5 pounds??
  9. Yes, that is the calculation I am familiar with, as well.

  10. For Asian, it'd nice if you keep it under 100. Non-Asian people think I am skinny, but whenever I stand next to another Asian girl, I feel like a cow. I am 5'5 110lbs.
  11. I am also familiar with the 100lbs plus 5 lbs per inch.

    I am 5'8", 140lbs, 20 BMI, size 7 clothes and athletic. I don't look as if I weigh 140lbs.
  12. I heard from my friend that a person's ideal weight (in kg) would be the person's height (in cm) minus 110.
  13. If I took my height in cm minus 110, I would be anorexic.