Ideal Weight Loss Target Heart Rate

  1. Ok... it's winter in Australia and i have inadvertently piled on the winter pounds. Plus, it hasn't helped that i have stopped exercising since i got back from holidays in April (keke)

    I remember reading about having a target heart rate that you should aim for when exercising, in order to burn the most fat. (Of course, diet is another part of this equation)

    I have an elliptical at home and when i did do my exercise i mostly trained for 30 mins (sometimes 45mins to an hour), 6 days a week, but then hit a plateau.

    Can anyone give me pointers on how to calc my target heart rate and any tips..

  2. There is a fair amount of dispute about this right now. It seems there are two big camps. Those that say you should stay in the "fat burning" range (around 60% Max Heart rate). Then there is the camp that says stay in the cardio range (80% MHR).

    I am a big BIG fan of none of these. I feel that the best solution is HIIT training. HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. You basically do 3 minutes at around 70-80% MHR, then a minute or so at 50-60% MHR. You keep alternating between those two. The benefit of this is that your burn calories in both aerobic and anaerobic methods. By adjusting the way that your body breaks down ATP for energy I feel you get a better work out. I know that there is some physiologists that are also advocating the HIIT method.

    Either way you may want to google a few of these to see what you feel is best. In the end ANYTHING is better then nothing.