Ideal Summer H Bag?

  1. It's really, really cold in NJ at the moment, so what to do but think ahead to summer? Summer tends to be really hot here. My summer uniform consists of white pants/shorts/skirts with a colorful top paired with an appropriate pochette. My black Kelly is too embarrassed to be seen out with me dressed like that, so I was looking for suggestions for a more appropriate bag over those hot summer months. It's got to be a hardy one that likes the odd day down the shore etc, but one that is also smart enough to be seen in the company of Ninja Sue's adorable minis. Any suggestions?
  2. how about a turquoise bolide? or vert anise?

    i've been infected with bolide fever.
  3. I have too, I blame you and Ninja Sue!!! I think both those colors would work, but do you think a Bolide would hold up at the shore?
  4. moi? surely you jest!

    i wouldn't get it in box or chevre -- but i'd think fjord, clemence or togo would hold up OK as long as you're not planning bag abuse. buffalo is very sturdy, but i don't know whether they use it for bolides. ???
  5. Bag abuse, yikes, no! Perhaps a pre-loved Bolide, so I don't feel too precious about using it........

    Time to keep my eyes open for a good deal!
  6. You know, I think it's one of the less popular styles here, but I think the Massai looks like a great summer bag, in white or some bright color! There's also a white bolide at the Charlotte store right now that is so pretty!!! Isn't Hermes coming out with a er what was it, a Cabas tote for summer? That looked nice also ^_^
  7. Oh, I do like the orange one! I just looked at the 26cm one again, and you know, it may work. After all, down sizing what I carry aroung during the summer may be good for my posture. All I really need is a Ninja Sue packing lesson. Hmm. RED, let me spend some time imagining carrying around a red bag.
  8. A Cabas tote, really? Do you have a pic?

    I love the massai too, but am hoping to get one in black at some point in my very distant future.....
  9. I agree, Vert Anis Bolide a la GF's for spring/summer would be lovely or Vert Anis in a 30cm! Alternatively a GPT is a great bag for summer as would be a toile/barenia Trim.
  10. White Evelyn...??

  11. I tried an Evelyn on, and it's just one of those bags that do not suit me which is really unfortunate since it is such a handy bag.

  12. Vert Anis would probably be my first choice, followed by a blue.