ideal "carly size" for everyday use


ideal size of carly for daily use

  1. medium

  2. large

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  1. which in ur opinion is the ideal size of carly for carrying daily basics in ur bag.

  2. For me it's a medium but it is SO dependent on you. You really need to go try them on with what you want to carry in it to decide.
  3. i love my medium. i find large is like more of a tote then a purse.
  4. I have a medium and it's perfect for me. I'm 4'9" and the large was just huge!!
  5. I like the large better because I always end up with more at the end of the day than I originally anticipated. I just like having the extra room.

    If you aren't a pack rat like myself, i'm sure the medium would do just fine!
  6. The medium is fine for me. Its plenty big - the large was just huge for me (although I'm only 5").
  7. I think the medium is more than enough of a bag for me. I know if I got anything any larger I'd never be able to find something inside! :smile:
  8. The medium Carly is the perfect size everyday bag for me. It's enough for my essentials with room to spare for extra stuff.
  9. I'm only 5'3" but the large felt/looked way too big on me. I didn't need that much room for my daily essentials either.
  10. I have the medium and it is the perfect size for me ~ fits all of my things perfectly. I'd be afraid that with the large it would just be like a big black hole and I would never be able to find anything. Plus, when I carry a larger purse, I just end up carrying more junk.