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Sep 13, 2005
We are ladies... most of us (for you guys it is the same!)... so I know we all want an ideal body type for ourselves. Are any of you ladies hard at work losing weight, or working out to get there?

Also, if you could have the body of an person- who would it be and why?? I'm curious to see what you all say!! :idea:
I will start us off. I know many of you said that you don't think Jessica Alba is that extraordinary- but I think she is gorgeous. I love her body to! It's very natural looking (as in not super-thin), but just beautiful! I would love her body!! :love:



I know- quite the shot- but it looks nice!! :P

Yeah Alba is pretty :biggrin: Just not feeling her too much as an actress, as a model, top shelf!

I'm working hard to lose weight, lost almost 40lbs since March when my X bastard decided to leave. I figured, well I'm not going to be single AND fat :lol:

If I had to choose an ideal body it would probably be....damn, why can't I think of anyone right now. I'll have to get back to you on that one, I just want to be someone who can look good in a ****load of Dior :lol: :biggrin:
I think I've gotten past the wanting-to-look-like-a-starlet or I've realized it ain't ever gonna happen (I've got two kids and I'm not Uma Thurman or Demi Moore....). I can't think of who I would want to look like...

I'd like to lose 15-18 pounds. I was down that low two summers ago (mourning the loss of my son to sleepaway camp for the summer!) and I liked the way it looked. Of course, my boy came home and I celebrated with Raisinets and such!

I've tried doing it on my own and doing various programs and have had very mixed results. Next up is a nutritionist. I'm hoping that if I have someone who is tailoring a program right to me, it will work.
I know not everybody would agree with me...But I like Scarlett Johansson's body. I've never been into skinny or too sexy. :embarasse


It's the nice "I eat & I exercise (but I don't spend 1/2 of my day at the gym 5x a week) look." ;)

What a coincidence Noriko! I lost 45lbs too! Just over the past few months, I decided to slim down. (It was mainly for a pair of Gucci belts my friend got me. LOL I guess it was a stupid little inspirational item.) :nuts:
I am quite short (1.58 m) but I like my height, so, if I could, I would like to have a body just like Salma Hayek (she is curvaceous and very sexy) or Christina Aguilera (she is def my favourite singer; her legs aren't perfect but I like her the same).


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Megs, of course her legs look toned but that was not the point: she is def not the celebrity with the most attractive legs in the show-biz. There's nothing wrong with them, but simply I don't like them :sad: