IDEA!!! ...should i update my noe? :)

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  1. So....for my bday i got my first louieee: (noe + lvoe scarf)...

    sorry for the bad picture i bluetoothed it over from my phone hehe...but heres my question!

    This is my first LV piece and my bf bought me the scarf anddddd im scared of getting it dirty :sad: I want to keep it i was thinking about getting a new scarf and maybe a little pochette this weekend when my bf comes down (my bday is on wednesday and hes taking me to dallas to take me shopping :yahoo: oklahomas shopping sucks bananas!!!)

    so ok back to the point...I have an idea! I love funky things but would it be TOO funky to i get the white monogram mulitcolour scarf and a white multicolur pouchette?? Would that still look hot with the brown noe???

    what do you guys think?!?

    if soooo which one should i get!! pics and prices would help oh so much!! Im JUST getting into LV (leaving the gucci world for now :P)


    also, are there any other MUST HAVE assesories??
  2. ummm... I have a pic of something similar to what you're saying, it's the MC Lodge PM with the mini MC carré scarf
    and imo, I think that MC on MC is a bit too much (I only took the pic above cuz I like taking pix of all sorts/varieties jumbled together, but I don't actually carry my stuff irl as shown in pix).
    Also, I think proportionally the MC pochette is a bit too small with the MC silk scarf (or the scarf is way too big for the pochette) and I'm not sure exactly how you plan on tying the scarf onto the pochette... there's no loop unless you want to directly tie a knot on the lil strap.... but it's totally up to you on what you wanna buy:yes:
    As for the MC scarf on the noe, which brown noe are you speaking of? the mono or epi canelle?... (sorry, I can't see the pic with your link... might be my computer tho....) Personally, I prefer the MC scarf on the epi canelle noe, cuz the mono noe would be a lil too much with the MC.....
    As for prices you can refer to and essential pieces you can do a search, there are a lot of threads on this!
    Congrats on your LVoe scarf! I like mine very much too:smile:
  3. I think that everything looks hot together. For instance, I have azur accessories because I love Azur but my first bag was a Damier ebene and I loved the contrast. I think multicolore stuff would look great with your brown Noe. Lots of people love vernis accessories, like the cles because they are brightly coloured and can be used as bag charms. The LVOE phone charm is very hot right now too, it can be hung on your purse as well. The pastilles are beautiful, they are multicoloured charms. Basically you have a lot to choose from - don't be shy and just express yourself! Have fun!
  4. hmmmm CEC, i think u misunderstood me!! I weaved the LVoe scarf through the noe and i was thinking of replacing it with the multicolored one!!! and i would clip the pouchette INSIDE to hold my phone and keys so it wont get lost inside!!

    SO my basic question was, would the brown mono (what my noe is) look crazyy crazyy crazyyyyyyy with it??

    thanks for helpping me wipe out my tution fund one cute LV thingy at a time LVbebe!! i cant wait to get back into a store!!!
  5. I like mixing it all up too! I love MC so much, that MC on MC is cool on certain occasions, maybe not for everyone and maybe not for everyday, but for me on vacation, it's the shot in the arm that I need! I like it! I would love a mono noe! You're lucky!
  6. I don't see why not...
  7. I love MC on MC :smile:
  8. hmmm but multicolor on mono?? haha sorry if im anal but i want it to look cute!!
  9. hmmmm
  10. JMO... MC bandeau threaded through a classic noe would be too busy. You might want to try a color that is more subtle to use as the drawstring. Maybe a MC pastille keychain or the LoVe lanyard is really hot accessory.
  11. Gotta agree with pinki here, that bandeau threaded into the mono noe just doesn't seem workable...
  12. thats what i was afraid offfffffff....darnit!!! any other scarfs that are super cute out there???

    im sad now
  13. What if you went to a fabric store and look at the fabrics they have there? There are some lovely silks, satins, etc., that you could weave through there. If i'm understanding correctly, you're using it instead of the leather drawstring....right? You could find some satin ribbon or something. Subtle, simple, but still oh so sexy :smile:
  14. ohhhhhhh baby doll...that actually sounds like a good idea....i mean im a total name brand whore so i love the idea of a LV scarf in an LV bag buttttttttttt that sounds so...HOT!

    I can even get a bunch of ribbons and change it with my outfit!!! ohhhhhh man oh man!!!

    that could be fun!! but that doesnt mean im cheating on my LV scarf does it?? i actually saw a tiffanys one that looks super cute, so maybe ill just go to LV and tiffianys and get a few that i can change now and then..;that way none will get "worn out"

    i dont know confusion sucks bananas!!
  15. i meant to say *being confused hahaha by the way i sounds like im tottally uneducated haha not a journalism major!!!

    but oh yeah, another question, should i get a pouchette or the super small speedy??? i kind of like the super small speedy because its so darn cute...but the pouchette can be clipped inside my noe!!

    Im not too worried about using the pouchette outside of my bag because i have a gucci thats small and has a chain on it that i use for clubbing and what not....but i probably would use the baby speedy by itself

    what do u guys think?
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