Idea for all quilted bay owners!

  1. So I do love my new quilted bays but I have issues with bags drooping from the buttom!:confused1:

    So that still bugged me about these bags.....So I thought of cutting a peice of cardboard that measures the width and depth of the inside of the bag to sit on the buttom. Well I did it and it worked like a charm. The buttom does not droop anymore and It makes the bag sit up properly and makes it easier to reach in and out for stuff!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Good idea, but I kinda like the droop, it lays better under my arm.
  3. Awesome idea!! I don't like droopy bottoms either...that used to bother me with some of the LV's back in the day.
  4. Well the weird thing is that I love looking at this bag just the way it is on other people but on me the droop bothers me....
  5. Funny, some bags I like droop, others I don't. I have a Prada hobo that droops and I don't like the droop, so maybe I'll use the cardboard idea. Thanks.
  6. I'm reaching for some cardboard now, what a great idea!

  7. Soooooo, Did you it work for you?
  8. Great idea, Mona:tup:. I don't have a quilted bay, yet..but tried your idea on my Muse, which used to droop, and that worked out great:yahoo:.
  9. Thats fabulous....I can't beleive the Muse droops!
  10. I looked around the house and the only cardboard I could find was a rice crispies box-I didn't think this was strudy (or classy) enough to go in my Bay:p. I'm going to look what I can find at work on Tuesday, theres bound to be something there! :tup:
  11. yes, it does... right at the middle bottom. Probably not as much as a speedy or bay, but it kinda make the bottom looked warped. And it looked ugly when it droops. Come to think of it, am putting one in my double bag as well.
  12. Maybe we should design an anti-drooping thing and then we an customize it to the clients bag!