Idea for a tote (me being silly)

  1. Ok so this is really silly, but I thought of a fun purse slogan! You could put it on a cute tote in big letters: "My other bag is a Birkin." Maybe it's been done. Am I retarded?
  2. LOL! :lol:

    That's not a bad idea. :yes: If they can do it for cars, why not bags?

    Unless someone has done it before? :shrugs:
  3. Shop Intuition used to have a kit that included a tote bag and a bunch of iron-on letters and designs, so you could make your own tote bag. I can't find now. I am sure there are similar options if you looked online. It's a rather novel idea!
  4. Teehee yay :smile:
  5. Hee hee...I need one of those!
  6. The whole Birkin thing makes my Kelly uneasy......
  7. I dont know if its been done before, but it sure is funny!! love the idea:biggrin:
  8. ^^ Hehee! I saw some fashion show on the style network once. The host was just stopping people in a mall and asking them about their outfits; where they got different items etc. One gal he stopped had a tote that said "Kelly bag"! The host got a big kick out of it! I think it was white with the letters in 'kelly' green but I can't remember for sure! I thought it was a hoot! And the gal was fashionably dressed too! :lol: