Idea for a new sticky...bag owners please respond!

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  1. I have been thinking for a while now a nice thread would be to have pictures of people holding their bags, so we can compare for size etc. Everyone seems to ask about this topic all the time.

    I would want members who have bags to chime in here...are you willing to post your body shots holding your bags and then state your height, roughly your weight, bag type and size of bag?

    I would want chat to remain out of the thread, so we can always refer, chat makes the thread sooo long.

    We need a decent response on this one to make it a sticky. Let the mods know here and we will see what we can do.

    I know I want one...because I can never get a handle on these bags in real life to compare.
  2. Great idea!!! I for one could use that kind of reference right now!!!

    However, if everyone feels there are too many stickies though, we could always incorporated into the Member's Hermes Items reference thread. No chat, just pics, and encourage everyone to post pics wearing their goods for additional reference.
  3. yes yes yes:yes!! Kellybag:yes:
  4. I just can't see myself posting pics with body shots. I think I just have reservations about that because this is the Internet and I don't feel comfortable putting something like that on here.
  5. Totally respect that Nathansgirl!!! A lot of people do not feel comfortable with posting their pics on line. Of course, only those of you who feel comfortable should participate.
  6. I love the idea, but you aren't seeing my picture until I adhere to a diet and exercise program for several months!

    However, I do have an opinion about all of the stickies...I think it would be wonderful if an individual, or small group set about making searchable web pages for reference, rather than our megathreads. Wouldn't it be great to incorporate all of the knowledge in each of those threads into a set of organized webpages instead?

    I think it would be too much work for one person, but the work might be divided between a number of people. The first thing needed would probably be an outline or hierarchy, and then good photos would need to be identified. The text would probably come quite easily since most of us seem verbally gifted, but factual editing by experts would be key.

    I don't think I'd want to organize this, and there do seem to be several ways of approaching a big project like this, but I'd be willing to lend some technical expertise.

    Anyway, it's just a thought.
  7. Coco-nut, I agree that this could be pretty amazing, but it might be beyond the realm of this forum, at least at this point. I will find out though. But until we figure that out, each thread has a search function so you can perform a search within a particular thread to find something you are looking for. That might help.

    As for the stickies, we could easily integrate Kellybag's idea into the Members Reference thread to streamline things if that helps.
  8. I'd LOVE a sticky of body shots with bags and pert. info. I'm always referencing back to threads to find this info! Body shots with no faces would work for me.....

    This type of information was very, very helpful when I was trying to decide on whether or not to buy the HAC. Until I actually saw comparison shots of HAC vs 30cm vs 35cm vs K28cm, etc there was no way I could make up my mind. So, I'm all for it.
  9. I know that we have lots of stickies...and placing them inside an existing one would be a super idea.

    If you don't want someone to see your face you can block your head. Just a body shot.

    Ok...let's keep hearing what others have to say
  10. LOL!!! I was just thinking the same thing. I'll get back to this when I'm down 5 lbs.
  11. I am for it! As a matter of fact from now on when I make a new purchase I will include a body shot with diamentions. Good going Kellybag.
  12. And it would be really helpful if the model could say how tall they are because a 35cm birkin on someone 5'8" is going to look very different than on someone 5'1".
  13. I think this is a great idea. I haven't posted a pic yet of Evelyne and I yet because I was waiting to lose 5 pounds but what the heck. :lol: I think it would be neat to have a separate sticky because then if you are just looking for body shots you know where to go. :flowers: But either way!
  14. I know exctly what you mean, I am 5'2" and my 30cm Birkin looks so much nicer than my 35cm BJ Birkin, I almost feel lost in it!
  15. I already include bodyshots in my pics so I have no problem with a thread for this. I think it's a very helpful reference especially since not all bags are available at the boutiques.