Idea for a fitness challenge

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  1. Well, I know I'm kind of new here but I had an idea and want to know if anyone would be interested. About 3 years ago, I was a really active member at a popular tanning forum. One of the members started a weightloss challenge. We set a date to start and a date to end (I think it was about three months) and there was a certain day once a week where we would "check in" with her. We would PM her our measurements, weight, and she would also include a different questionnaire every week (ie, what did you do differently this week than last, what's your goal for this next week, etc.) There was also a post just for the challenge people where we could post what we ate that day and how it went, etc. I was already "skinny", but when I did this I lost a lot of weight and was in the best shape of my life. It really helped feeling like I had some support and everyone was really supportive of each other. At the end of the week after we checked in, she would post the winner, the person who had lost the most weight/inches, etc. She gave them a sample of tanning lotion or a small bottle, etc.

    Anyway... so I wanted to know if any of you would be interested in doing something like this? If anyone is, just reply and if there's enough people I say let's do it! :tup:
  2. Count me in!! I could use some motivation and support lately. Haven't been very good with my diet lol.