IDEA Clinic- any reviews on this clinic?

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  1. I will be going to Seoul this weekend and should be having my surgeries done here, is there any one who has been here before or is there any reviews for this cliinc?
  2. Which clinic?
  3. What surgeries are you getting? Please keep us updated!! I am as well interested in this clinic! Unfortunately, I have no reviews to help you..
  4. IDEA clinic here:

    I'd be getting an alarplasty revision, perhaps fats graft too, not confirmed about the fats graft yet but i need to slim down and shape up my face.
  5. what type of surgery they do? The website doesn't have much many information
  6. Did they give you any price?
  7. Hey Dorem,
    My friend said that idea clinic is famous for 2 jaw surgery because of Dr Jin Hoon. She has consulted idea and tfd for two jaw surgery.
    That said, I read from another forum someone's friend did 2 jaw and fat graft with them and they didnt look great. Well, there were no photos enclosed so cannot judge.
    Anyway good luck! And there is a video of a chinese woman doing 2 jaw before and after in idea in the facebook!!
  8. Had consultation at Idea hospital yesterday and will be doing a cut face lifting for a slimmer face and also revision alarplasty.

    Consulted 2 Doctors there, one specialises in nose and the other specialises in face lifting. My surgery is scheduled in a few hours time!
  9. Good luck !!!!!!!!!:yahoo::tup: Please keep us updated, thank you!

    When you say cut face lift you mean an incision face lift-full smas facelift? How old are you btw if you don't mind? And pricewise? How much were you quoted? Did you bargain?

    Happy healing, wishing you great results!!
  10. Just did the surgeries yesterday and stayed overnight at the hospital and got discharged today.

    I did lower face lifting, in my early 30s and the doctor said I still have a lot of elasticity at my cheeks so don't really need full face. I think this is mini v-lift?

    After anesthecia wore off, the sides of my head start to feel pain and I was in discomfort the whole night. I did alarplasty revision too but my nose felt zero pain.

    There's this thing, I don't know what it's called and its inserted into the lower parts of both my cheeks and it connects to a tube via my neck and out via my head near the top part of my ears and this tube leads to a container that has my blood. I asked the staff what this is and she said its to prevent blood clot in my face.

    The scary thing is when I asked how will it be removed, the doctor said it will be pulled out. Omg this sounds so scary, does anyone knows what's this and is it painful when removed? They're still in me now and I'm not sure when they will be removed!
  11. Hi Jerbelle!

    I hope your surgery went well and was a success. I know its been a long time, but do you have any updates? I am thinking about this clinic for fat grafting and would love to know your thoughts and if you still recommend it. Thank you!
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