1. is "Cristian / italy "

    a dior line ??
  2. Hi Grammydawn!

    I have not heard of this line before.

    I know that most of Dior's bags are made in Italy, so maybe it's just referring to where the bags are made (?).
  3. I really think you have a fake on your hands unfortunately...especially if it says Cristian, not Christian.
  4. theres no H in the name .. im just curious since there are some "cristian bags 'on eBay listed as dior

    ,,lol i paid 3.00 at the goodwill its a wonderful find no matter ,,lol

    it's stamped in the leather
    genuine leather
    made in italy
  5. yeah safe to say its fake
  6. Since it doesnt even say Dior on it, probably its just some regular bag from a company called Cristian, not a fake.
  7. thats what i was thinking its a great looking bag , wish i could find out info on the company that makes it or figure out how to load a pic of it on here

    <------ anyone got any info on the bag pictured on my id????

    " mania , botero , italy / gruppo gari's was on the store tag???