ID Winona Ryder's bag -- is it MJ?

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  1. I am loving the style of this bag (what I can see of it :nuts: ). She was shopping at MJ so I'm hoping that's who makes it and figured you girls might know!

    Any info would be wonderful :yes:

  2. That's the capra satchel in basil. The Karen satchel is only made in python but it's basically the same design as this. The bag also comes in cinnamon (brown) and smoke (black). Eluxury has it on sale on but they don't have this color.
  3. ^ Agree with A. =)
  4. wow great! The capra is much more affordable. I knew you guys would know. Thanks!
  5. (pasted from perezhilton)



  6. ^ She has this Satchel in 2 different colors.
    The 1st bag (posed with MJ) has white trim, the 2nd bag (shopping with KM) doesn't.