I'd thought this was a Photoshopped or Fake bag.

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  1. It actually makes me giggle... I'd hate to use a bag that confuses me when I wanna hold it lol
    Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  2. I loved this range … esp the vachetta animals .. it was a pretty rare collaboration to source.
  3. I wasn't looking at LV when this range was launched. I'd love to see the vachetta animals!
  4. Yes it gave me the goosebumps it's pretty ugly alright.
  5. That bag has issues!
  6. what is that ???
  7. It kinda scares me...reminds me of tentacles...
  8. Haha scary! I remember seeing this and thinking that whoever created it must've been crazy! But there must've been some appeal to some people?
  9. Im assuming this is a legitimate hand bag?
  10. wow how do you even carry that?
  11. It looks like something an octopus would like, lol
  12. Perfectly legitimate bag - they were marketed as party bags in 2008. There was the multi-handled Mini Speedy, a Papillon with a few canvas animals attached to it, a couple of small party bags with longer rolled cowhide handles and a couple of others that escape me.

    The seller has described it accurately as the Comme des Garcons collaboration.

    Put it this way, I've seen stranger from LV collaborations over the years!
  13. I'm sure someone will like it. It doesn't look very practical. I remember when this was released this made me think of those people who grow their fingernails to extreme lengths in order to get into the Guinness Book of Records. That is a pretty disgusting thing to be reminded of by an LV bag. :lol:
  14. not my peace of cake.....😁😉