ID this Chanel bag? Which style & what price?

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  1. [​IMG]

    There are bigger pics in the Kim Kardashian thread in the celeb section. Is this a jumbo flap? What is the diff between a jumbo flap and a 2.55 reissue?

  2. Oh thank you! That is just the thread I was in the process of searching for!!!

    Thank you again!!
  3. Wow...that is a beautiful bag!
  4. I think she is gorgeous, what a body!!! I love her bag , it is a jumbo with the new chain.
  5. how much is it??? i want one in black.
  6. I think it retails for $2250
  7. No problem. I love visiting the reference library when I'm bored. :tup:
  8. '

    thank you!

    but then again... as of SEPT... the price is gonna increase.. so who knows.. its prob gnna be 2500 or something :confused1:
  9. white jumbo classic flap with new chain