ID This Bbag!!

  1. about a week or so ago, i posted a thread asking whether the Brief has 2 sizes, because the bag that my sister got at NM, it sorta looks like a brief and the SA told her it's a smaller brief, and ive seen the brief irl and it doesn't look like this at all :confused1::confused1:. anyhoo, im sure one of you guys know what bbag style this is. the color, according to the SA is caramel, i dont know if that's accurate either. anyway, what bbag style is this??? and what season and exact color??? my sister doesn't have a TPF account and she wants to know so asked me to post it on here. thanks guys!!
  2. 06 caramel mid-afternoon, I think
  3. that's the afternoon...
    it comes in two sizes, the afternoon and the mid-afternoon, not sure of the dimensions...
    the color looks like camel...

  4. ^^kimair is right
    my mind said camel (06 fall) but my fingers typed caramel :confused1:
    sorry for the bad info
  5. alisonanna and kimair, thanks so much for the info!!! now we know it's a mid-afternoon '06 camel! :yahoo: thank you again!

    it's kinda surprising that some of these SAs seem to be clueless about these bags, i'm only a balenciaga newbie but i seem to know more than they do!? :confused1::confused1: i was there last week and asked if they have the courier bags, the lady was like "WHAT? CARRIER?!" and i was like, nevermind.... and my sister's bag, the SA said it's Cafe color?!:shrugs: oh well.
  6. i have this bag in a darker brown... and i had no idea what it was called. THANKS EVERYONE FOR THE HELP ALSO!