ID This Bag

  1. I hope this hasn't been posted before...

    Can anyone ID this bag?? I got the pic from It's supposedly a Fall bag but I know that the Python collection for Fall doesn't come in white at all.

    Anyone seen this before??
    chanel white python.jpg
  2. met her and she's adorable! Don't know the name of the bag though.
  3. theres a same thread about this :biggrin: nobody knows... actually ... Bagsnob is a member here! just call her name

    BAGSNOB!!! yooooohoooo! :search:
  4. i don't know what it's called, but i think it was a spring/summer 2006 bag. i first saw this bag at a chanel boutique at the ala moana shopping center in oahu. i believe it retailed around $1800-$2000. it's super cute, but i thought the python skin was a little fragile.
  5. ^^I don't think she actually goes by BagSnob HERE, I know we have one, but I don't think they're they same person.
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