ID this bag!

  1. Can anyone identify this bag? It's from the Victoria's Secret website. I emailed them and their reply was that it was the model's own bag.

    Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks:heart:
  2. dooney & bourke, maybe?
  3. hm... dr. satchel shape.. cotton webbing detachable handle... does dooney do that? This is a hard one, i'll keep my eye out
  4. Since when are models allowed to use their own bags? LOL Sounds like VS doesn't want to promote any other brand but the ones they sell.

    Coach makes some denim bags, don't they?
  5. ^ Actually, I think models do sometimes wear their own items in shoots; hence the phrase 'model's own' in magazines. :smile:
  6. But I always thought that was a way for magazines and companies to cover the butts and not promote other designers (especially ones who aren't sponsors/supporters). Just a theory. ;)
  7. ^ I can certainly see a retail company, like VS, doing that, but why would a magazine? :shrugs:

    If you didn't want to promote an item, for some reason, why would you include it in a shoot at all?

    I always thought, in the case of magazines, that the model's item was considered attractive enough to include in the shoot, but as it was from a previous season, or a non-designer item that was no longer available in stores, that there was no point in naming it?

    I could easily be wrong, though! :biggrin:
  8. :yes:
  9. It reminds me a little of this Chloe bag.

  10. Yes, models and celebrities often do get to wear their own items in shoots. I think this is usually because perhaps they come to the set wearing that particular nice item and that photographer likes the way it looks so they just throw it in there.