ID this bag with Catherine Zeta Jones

  1. Can anyone ID this bag? I'm counting on you ladies! :yes:

  2. She's so pretty!
  3. thats a ferragamo bag
  4. I'd like to ID that cap too!
  5. OMG...cameltoe
  6. Yep, I'm sure it's a Ferragamo bag. But I remember seeing it in stores earlier this year; not sure if you could still find one now.
  7. Cute, except the tassles...not a big tassle fan.
  8. I like the side tassles, but the front looks a little stripper-nipple-tassle to me.
  9. ROFL! :roflmfao:
  10. Cosmo, you are freakin' amazing! I knew only the PF ladies could track it down!

    Completely agree about the front tassels, lol.:roflmfao: Not sure how much I like it now.
  11. topic but I have to say that she looks like she's lost a considerable amount of weight. She looks good :yes:
  12. Sometimes I can't remember someone's name who I met 10 minutes ago, but I can always remember a bag I saw 10 months ago!!! :yes: Go figure.

    Besides the tassels, the other odd thing to me about this bag was why did Ferragamo put gold hardware on a silver/pewter bag? They did that with several of their metallic bags this year, and I thought it was a strange choice, even though I'm usually a Ferragamo fan.
  13. She's so beautiful, and her bag is pretty nice. I really like it.