id this bag: reissue w/ "ear flaps"

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  1. So I just received my Nordstrom catalog and in it there is a gorgeous Chanel reissue bag. Upon first looking at it, I thought it was the Black Metallic Reissue but realized that there where 2 little flaps / "ears" from the chain.

    I really don't know how to explain it, but WHAT IS THIS BAG CALLED? And when did Chanel release it?

    I was shopping at Saks today and after preselling a couple items I walked out and saw the same bag on their advertisement/window displays. Again, I was too lazy to walk right back in to ask... so can someone please ID this bag?
  2. I know it's part of the 255 Act 2 collection. I went to Chanel today at Tysons and asked about it. They don't have it yet. I really like it but I think it's very small. I called Nordstrom about it when the book came out. They didn't have it yet. I do know that it is coming in a much taller size as well to accommodate a laptop. For those of you who don't know what we are talking about, here is a scan of the bag from the catalog

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  3. oooh, I don't know but please add it to the Shopping Forum's thread for catalog codes!:tup:
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    I think Saks has it? Actually i'm going back tomorrow to check. I thought they had an actual one the window display or maybe it was a picture? haha. Wow my brain is fried. I'll double check. I have to go back tomorrow and finish shopping. :smile:

    Thanks for the info!!
  5. saw the catalog also. love this bag! i did a rough estimate of the size based on the diamond pattern of my reissue 225 and it's a little bit shorter in length, but may be close to the same height. 8"x6". a little pricey at $2650, but a gorgeous bag!!!
  6. Oh.. hmm. I'm not a fan of this bag. It may grow on me.. but I'll wait with baited breath.
  7. i;m not a fan of this bag either. imo, i think the 'ears' cheapens the look of the bag.
  8. yeah i didn't really like the look of the bag, i was just curious and wanted someone to id it... i freaked out because i thought it was the black metallic reissue they shot aka the bag i recently got but i was disappointed and curious to see what bag that was feature!