ID this bag please!

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  1. Okay, taking you up on your offer! I grabbed this rotating ad image from the front page and stuck it on my server so I could link it here. Could someone tell me who makes it? Thanks!

  2. I can tell you!! I know there have been many request for us naming the rotaing bags, which we will work on from now on-- but I have a pretty good idea of what we put up there.

    This bag is the Buti Tulip Multi-color Leather Drawstring Ring Tote which is available through Forzieri :biggrin:
  3. cute bag
  4. Thank you Megs!

    Next one:

  5. LV Epi Soufflot - currently at eluxury for $970
  6. Thanks Chemlex :smile:
  7. Ooo I really like the Tulip pink and white version :biggrin:
  8. Megs...I started another thread (BAG IN ROTATION) to ask about a bag. I can't repost the photo....could you look at that thread? Thanks.
  9. Next:

  10. bump!
  11. Is that bag running up top on our site?
  12. Yes, it was the other day when I posted it!
  13. We shall find it!!