ID this bag? New Fall 2006

  1. Ladies, can anyone ID this bag for me? The pic was posted here before, and I would love to give credit but I can't find the original post. I'm sorry!

    But I love this bag on the left - it's black or charcoal, with "chanel" written in white script, with a black camelia. HELP! I love this. Anyone have a name, style, etc? If I call Saks or Neimans, or a boutique, I'd like to have an idea of what to call it.....:rolleyes:
  2. Omigosh, I have been wandering about this bag forever, it is so gorgeous! I think that the bag is from 2005 though , but I'm not sure. Hopefully some one will know.
  4. i SERIOUSLY CANT REMEMBER.. they had a line JUST like that called the maddemoiselle scarf line... but those had a scarf on it
  5. It was in this years runway show - so I don't think it has come out yet

  6. Gosh I really wanna know, I've wanted to know for so long...this bag is so chic and I love the brooch on it too.
  7. No, the one on the left is from 06 cruise, I believe it is probably sold out.....

    then the white reissue is from 05 fall and winter
  8. its possible that it was ...but it was already released :yes:
  9. It's From 2006 Spring/summer Collection & And Maybe Sold Out. Best Place Is On The Ebay Now. I Know Most People Refer The Pattern As "coco Pop". I Love The Black One.
  10. The one on the left what is it fabric or leather?
  11. I think the material is canvas/corduroy.
  12. That bag is on ebay if you are still interested.
    eBay: AUTH CHANEL 06C SIGNATURE CAMBON $1295 TOTE BAG w TAGS (item 150017642312 end time Aug-07-06 15:10:17 PDT)
  13. I have been to their NYC boutique and they only sell authentic items...
    my Mom went insane there.