ID this bag from What Not to Wear?

  1. If anyone saw the new What Not to Wear tonight on TLC (episode "Tamara"), does anyone know where I can find the bag they had on the mannequin for the first "work" look? I doubt I will be able to find a photo online since the show just aired tonight, but it was a beautiful forest green north-south satchel with gold hardware, and I am in love!!!!

    It had a gold closure at the top, and a horizontal zipper closer to the bottom. It sort of reminded me of a Zac Posen satchel, except the closure was curvier and it didn't have the chain across the front.

  2. Ok, here is a (very bad) little sketch I just made of this bag in Paint - picture it 100x better looking, with a deep emerald green leather and gold hardware:
  3. lol! i caught a glimpse of that bag too and was wondering the same thing. i actually thought it was a green MA, but i couldnt tell. i would love to know also!
  4. I saw it and loved it! Hope find out who makes it
  5. I thought that was a great episode, but I don't remember seeing the bag at all. Sorry.
  6. Here's a screencap, if this is the right bag. The big buckle looks like Tracy Reese.
  7. I think mockinglee is's another style by Tracy Reese with a similar buckle.

  8. Nice bag!
  9. Great call Mockinglee!

    You ladies will not believe this, but I saw the SAME BAG from the show last night in a cream color at Nordstrom Rack today! It is indeed a Tracy Reese bag - for those that were wondering it is the Cecily satchel, retails for around $775 or so. It was almost $400 at the Rack, but the clasp was awkward w/ one hand. If it had been the green, though, I think I might have had to buy it... :graucho:

    That one you posted is so cute, balihai88!
  10. Here it is in brown:


    Looks like retail is actually $795.
  11. Wow! I like that bag! Gorgeous!
  12. Now I just need the $5,000 visa card to pay for it!