ID these miu mius?

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  1. I have these miu mius but don't know what style they are and what they would have retailed at - anyone any ideas? The pic isn't that clear but they have a smallish peep toe and are black patent...


  2. I am not sure, but they are gorgeous shoes!
  3. Thanks annemerrick. They are lovely aren't they? Unfortunately they are too big for me so I could do with knowing more info about them before I sell them!
  4. Can anyone ID these Miu Mius?

    I've been dying for these for a while and can't find them anywhere- a name to search by would sure help!

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  5. I have these peeps in grey and black degrade suede... on the box the style name is "Vernice" - they are from a couple of seasons ago. hth :smile:
  6. Hmmmm...I'll see what I can dig up.

    thank you!
  7. I was replying to the OP... sorry Speedah, but I have no idea about your shoes :sad:
  8. Aw, dangit! I was wondering because I've never seen the ones I'm looking for in suede... I'm on a hunt! :upsidedown: