ID these gorgeous shoes for me please!!

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  1. I am absolutely in love and no matter how hard I try, I can't read the label on them.. :cry: Please help find what they are or if you know of ones that are VERY similar, let me know!! TIA!

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  2. Giuseppe Zanotti?
  3. Yup, Giuseppe Zanotti - a slightly older design because his scrawl has changed over the past couple of years.
  4. these are new and have a jeweled pattern

    more jewels...

    I can always ask for you at the Boston Copley Giuseppe Zanotti store
  5. Oh thank you so much everyone!! I had no idea that there was a scroll change so that makes sense.

    katran26 - If it's not too much trouble, next time you get the chance I'd love it if you could ask for me. I'd so appreciate it!!
  6. Sure thing turboflgrl - I'm always there so I'll see if I can print out a picture and ask. I can also email it to someone I know who works there.
  7. zanotti

  8. ITA.......They are Zanotti! I'm definitely a fan, and the signature is very recognizable! :yahoo:
  9. That sounds great! Thanks so much!
  10. GZ!! I just joined the GZ boat..boy im in it for a very long time :P

    OP goodluck finding them , they really are gorgeous!