ID the bag....

  1. has anyone seen the red bag on cover of The Lucky Shopping Manual? any knowledge which bag it is? i LOVE it!
  2. Apparently it's made by Rafe--at least according to this article in New York magazine...

    The Michelin Guide in New York - Peter Bacanovic's letter-writing campaign - Lucky vs. Shop, Etc.

    Hearst vs. Condé Nast: Bag Brouhaha
    Shop, Etc., the new Hearst magazine being launched this year, is not going to be a clone of Condé Nast’s Lucky, Hearst executives have said. (The products will be more “upscale.”) That said, the Shop, Etc. ad campaign showcases a $400 Rafe Birkin–style bag—the same bag featured on the cover of The Lucky Shopping Manual, a companion book to Lucky. “Their ad campaign says CHIC AND YOU SHALL FIND, and indeed they found it on our cover,” sniped a Condé Nast source. But don’t expect an apology from Shop, Etc. editor Mandi Norwood. “ ‘Boo-hoo!,’ ” said a Hearst spokeswoman. “That’s what Mandi told me when I asked her about this.”
  3. The stitching and the hardware do look like Rafe. But I don't know if they still make this bag... I remember that they did bags with the white-stitching and that type of leather about 2-3 years ago...

    You could try contacting them and see if the bag's still available:

    Rafe New York
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