ID Stephanie Pratt's headband and exact hair color

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  1. Can anyone ID Steph's golden headband? I'm also wondering how her exact hair color is called, I love that kind of blonde!

    Thanks for your help!

  2. I'd like to know about her headband too. and I agree, I love her hair! Great shade of blonde. She looks really pretty in this photo.
  3. Does anyone know how this blonde shade is called?
  4. ^ Different hairdressers will call it different things -

    My advice is to print out the pic and take it to the salon with you - depending on your haircolor now, it may take a few treatments to acheive this look.

    hope this helps.
  5. My blond is very similar to hers, but it doesn't have a name. My hair dresser mixes a couple different shades together to achieve it.
  6. I have heard Kim Vo refer to that light blonde shade as Baby Blonde (I am pretty sure he was talking about Jessica Simpson's color at the time)... hopefully that helps!
  7. Can anyone ID her purse??
  8. I would like to know that dress too?! Brand?
  9. Yeah the dress is also too cute, can anyone ID?