"I'd rather go naked than wear fake chanel"

  1. Read on Perez today about how Courtney Love accidentally wore a fake chanel dress and pissed off Karl Lagerfeld. Harper's Bazaar is interviewing her and Lagerfeld about it, and the title of the article is "I'd rather go naked than wear fake chanel".

    I don't want to link right to the Perez post because I don't know if that's allowed, but if you read him, it's there. Has pictures of a naked Courtney with her appropriate parts covered to aptly fit the title of the article.

    Thought you all would appreciate that!
  2. I remember seeing pics of Courtney in that fake Chanel. I think it was brought up in the celebs and chanel thread. The real version of her dress is gorgeous, I can see why Lagerfeld would be upset! I don't know how celebs do not know that a luxe item, whether it be a bag, clothing, etc. is not real.
  3. I wonder how a celeb even comes across a fake Chanel dress haha!
  4. it happened awhile ago. i guess they just are writing the article now.

    apparently her stylist got it and there was no tag or anything on it. so she "didnt know" it was a chanel knockoff. and the funny part is that there is only 1 existing of the real dress and its at chanel paris. so when they saw it they knew it was fake.
  5. I saw that. Was very amused.
  6. I wonder if there is any reaction from Chanel when they see Britney recently wearing Chanel knock-off bag.
  7. Oh, for God's sakes. And this from people who can actually AFFORD the real thing!
  8. Exactly how I feel ;)
  9. While I don't agree with purchasing/wearing fake merchandise, I think that for many, it isn't about being able to afford or not afford the real thing but rather that they don't care. Just because someone has a lot of money doesn't automatically mean that designer bags are a priority for them. This is just generally speaking, not really in regards to CC.

    Anyway, I think C.C. made a mistake. I didn't totally get the idea that she did it on purpose but I suppose no one other than Courtney knows for sure.
  10. Does anybody have a picture of Courtney and the fake dress?
  11. Nevermind. I googled it. Here is the offending dress she wore to Paris Hilton's Birthday bash in Las Vegas.

  12. I found out about this while looking for the Courtney Love pictures. It's debateable about whether the bag was fake or not because there isn't a good picture of the purse. They claim that instead of interlocking "C"s, it's interlocking ovals. I think it's fake, looking at the picture more, i'm 99% sure.

  13. We discussed this last week in another thread. Britney's bag is definitely fake.:tdown: