I'd rate it FIVE STARS!

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  1. ...

    Or I would if I could! :roflmfao:

    I just noticed... (apologies if this has been addressed & explained elsewhere)... that there's no way to rate the threads in General Discussion.... but the other playground forums can be rated?

    Is this intentional?
  2. I'm pretty sure it is. We've had weird issues where people rate other members threads low just because they don't like them:rolleyes:
  3. do people have nothing better to do? thats just sad.
  4. wow. that is kinda weird....esp since the easiest thing is to not rate the thread and leave it with zero stars.... people have strange thought processes...

    Mahalo for the explanation Swanky!
  5. Well the GD forum has now evolved into many other forums - Relationships, Pregnancy and Parenting etc, and people are able to rate threads in those. Just not being able to do so in the GD forum is kind of pointless as most issues that draw strong responses are being discussed elsewhere most of the time.