ID Paris' sunglasses


Dec 31, 2007
a sunny place with shady people, FL
well i know these are super old but about 2 years ago i IDed them and was gonna buy them...of course i didnt & forgot the style number and now can't seem to find them. i was able to find similar ones from D&G style dg 2007 but they are more rounded. i know the sunnies are kinda funny looking but there is something about them i love! worth hunting them down on ebay. do you think they are authentic? i've read that all D&G have D&G on the side...not DG. puzzled!

any help is greatly appreciated! i thought it was worth a try!


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Aug 14, 2006
I have a pair of glasses that have DG on the side and they are 100% authentic.

D&G stands for D&G line by Dolce & Gabbana, whereas DG is just Dolce & Gabbana.