1. hey ladies, does anyone know what designer shades is paris hilton wearing in these pictures? THANKS SO MUCH!!
    splashnews_sob031006a_07.0.jpg paris hilton shops  2.jpg
  2. I think it's Oliver Peoples. Not sure about the style but you can probably find it through their site or at Saks. Hoep this helps!![​IMG]
  3. Not sure, but she does tend to wear a lot of Dior.
  4. It looks like she is wearing Dior.
  5. 947.jpg
  6. wow, LV addict, thank you sooo much!!! i dont know how u found it but its amazing!! much thanks.

    also, thank you to melissa06, DeeDeeDelovely, xgianna6921x and bubbleloba for all your comments!! the Dior glossy is really nice and pretty too!
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