ID of LeSportsac 2006 print HELP??

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  1. Does anyone know the name of a print by this description. I'm trying to find one, used, fake or whatever! And I can't even find the name of it. Would help with ebay searches.
    Pale blue, gray or brown webbing, with green, yellow, and orange trees. Some of the trees have fruit on them, some do not. Very cute and I think it was from 2006 (when I didn't buy it and should have~!!!) but I could be wrong. Thank you to all.
    Trying to attach a picture.

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  2. pls don't get fake!

    the print is called 'Neighbor'
  3. I knew someone would know. THANK YOU! I haven't seen it again yet, but I look everyday. I will try my very best to avoid fakes! :smile: