ID nicole richie's sweater?

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  1. [​IMG]

    does anyone know what sweater this is? or something similar?

  2. it looks similar to the DKNY cozy sweater...check for it.
  3. Nice bag, if she gets tired she can jump in for a sleep
  4. her sweater is by rick owens, I believe.
  5. Yeah I was going to say Rick Owens but those bobbles don't look like something he would do....just not sure
  6. thanks for all the input! i found something pretty similar and for a good price :tup: its from vibe the boutique and it cost $65 (after a discount code). just ordered it! :smile:

    Dream Society Madison Jacket
  7. ^ nice find! Rick Owens would be mucho $$$. But it's a gorgeous sweater...she's just adorable as usual.
  8. tell me about it! does she ever look bad? :smile:

    by the way does anyone know what type of chanel that is? its vintage right? is there a name or style # for it?
  9. I would guess vintage for sure - she has a ton of vintage Chanels *jealous*. Check ebay!
  10. i know! im so envious of basically everything she has! :tup::yes::drool: im guna try to hunt it down! :sneaky::search::greengrin:

  11. lol
  12. Thanks for that! But wow the $!
  13. I really don't think that is the same it?

    Where is the detailing down the sleeves?
  14. What is Vibes website, and the discount code?