ID Nicole Richie's quilted Chanel bag

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  1. I want to purchase a Chanel bag for myself (since I have been lusting after one for years and now I have the money saved) and this is my favorite style:


    I want it in black... but does anyone know the particular style and if its still available?
  2. that looks like a vintage double flap to me, and those have been discontinued.

    however, you can still get a regular flap at any chanel store. it's a classic! :smile:
  3. yes vintage - check ebay, these pop up a lot in black, harder to find in red. Make sure you post the auction in the Chanel forum under Auth this Chanel thread to make sure it's the real deal! Good luck.
  4. its actually very hard to find now. she's carrying a lambskin jumbo in red gold hardware, two-sided flaps. no longer made.
  5. Thanks for the info ladies! :smile:
  6. its looking lovely in red... imagine how wud it look like in black... it will blow me up...
  7. Lovely color and purse!
  8. I love the bag!
  9. Nicole has one of the best Chanel collections of bags.
  10. the outfit ... bag ... nicole richie is fab
  11. Hey katelove you diggin out due to all the snow you guys received? My older bro used to live in Alexandria VA & Baltimore for a many years now he lives in Virgina Beach.
  12. we had 2 feet of snow here. it was quite the shoveling experience!!! i don't expect to be out & about til monday (if then!)
  13. i love that outfit. i have a mbmj bag in that color.
  14. OMG that bag is amazing and Nicole looks awesome as usual.
  15. Oooh No Katelove.. :sad: Hopefully you don't get more.. I spoke to my older bro the other day and he said they only received a dusting of snow due to the coast which warms things up in Virginia Beach. Supposedly on Wednesday they say we will be hit with a huge snow storm in Boston. We'll see we may be digging ourselves out too.