ID Nicole Richie's Chanel sunglasses?

  1. Are these from a new collection or does anyone know the style name? :heart: them. Thanks!
  2. i have these--i posted them in the accessories thread in the ref library. they're from spring 07.
  3. thanks! can you still buy these in stores?
  4. there were a few pairs left at Saks bh as of last week!
  5. ooh! I likeee! anyone know the price on these?
  6. 425 i think
  7. I tried them on last week. so cute on nicole, so NOT cute on me.
  8. I'm a guy in London, UK who is in love with these sunglasses, can anybody tell me the code/or name/ or model so i can have a pair shipped over from beverly hills?

  9. they are nice.