I'd never seen the Lozenge Carly found one on ebay

  1. Oy, not a fan at all...
  2. That would be a great bag if your planning on going on a cruise or something
  3. Oh my goodness. I just showed this to a guy that I work with. Here is what he said, "If my wife came home with that, I would cut it up with a knife and blame the dog!" LOL
  4. Something about that bag is just wrong!

    I don't like it. ;[
  5. Is this real? Wow...I really don't like it at all...
  6. Oh, it's real... :nogood:

    Here's the drilldown:

  7. that print actually grew on me.

    I think it's cute in the smaller pieces (ie - wristlet)

  8. yes smaller pieces would be cute but this is an eye sore:yucky:
  9. I agree...this is definitely not a case of "more is less" :nogood:

  10. I agree...actually, this might have been from the "Resort" line...?
  11. yeah...i'm not a big fan of that...ick
  12. :throwup: Oh no they didn't! :wtf:
  13. ^^^:roflmfao: I think it's fugly...
  14. Agreed!