ID my first ever chloe bag please

  1. Hi all

    I bought this chloe back a few years ago from a consignment store. It is genuine and has all the tags/dust covers etc but i just dont know what its called or how much it would have retailed for.

    Can you help?

    Its a great bag - the leather is SO soft. It has an embossed Chloe logo on the back and inside.

  2. No idea, sorry
  3. bummer - i guess i'll never find out. Does anyone know some other sites where i could check what it is?
  4. I recognise it, but I'm afraid I don't know the name.

    Most of the older bags didn't have names, as such, though, just descriptive names. So yours could have just been called 'Frame Bag', or something, on the hangtag. :smile:

    Did it come with a hangtag? Also, does it have a datecode tab inside?