I'd love your take on this bag...

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  1. [​IMG]

    I'm considering getting this bag and was hoping to get some opinions on what you think of it.

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. It's cute, but i'm not sure about the handle's they look a bit stiff kwim?
  3. I'm not really keen on it. Sorry x
  4. please refresh me on the designer of this bag. i am 99% sure that they make a bag that i found delicious and i just lost the pic on my computer.

    i like this bag.
  5. I like the bag part..but not the strap..who makes this?
  6. it starts with a P and it's not Periotucci or however you spell it.... BOO i wish i could remember. i think the designer is british?? hmm...
  7. That looks like a Pauric Sweeney bag. They carry his stuff in Liberty's here in London.
  8. It's ok. I am not crazy about the handles either.
  9. It looks stiff and dark - not appealing - but that' just me.
  10. Piatonna?

    Quite like the style.
  11. Honestly?

    It looks a little out of proportion - you have long handles - but then the bag looks boxy and little...

    What are the dimensions?
  12. tenmosquito, I'll take the liberty of answering since MauiMamma doesn't seem to be around.


    Looks like the Grable - rust is sold out:

    25 cm x 21 cm x 12 cm

    Approx 10" x 8.5" x 5"
  13. Honest opinion.....just dont like.
  14. body shape is ok, especially color, but REALLY don't like the handle.
  15. Sorry I couldn't reply gals, I live in Hawaii and I'm a few hours behind and was still sleeping:P.

    THANKS! for all the replies.
    I guess this is why I asked because sometimes I think I have a skewed view. I just get so enamored after looking at tons of bags on line- they all start to look good LOL. I'm so bag deprived right now LOL.

    Thanks Passerby, yes, that is correct info. Here is more that might? help with the handles, they are nappa leather:

    The Piatonna Grable is a gorgeous designer handbag with textured Calf leather with Burnished Nappa. Each 55cm (approx) strap appears be one continuous spherical piece of burnished nappa joined by a chrome hoop. The textured calf leather is cleverly folded to give the Grable its unique shape. The interior reveals black twisted piping surrounding rich emerald lining, comprised into three compartments, its edges finished in burnished nappa. The central compartment has a solid frame with a solid chrome block clasp. A zip pocket, two additional side pockets and leather Piatonna label complete the interior.

    **Passerby: have you ever seen this bag in person? what did you think of it when you did? Do you have any personal experience with these bags? Would love to hear...

    So the handles don't look proportionate? gosh they seem like they do to me... again that is why I have asked... :shrugs: :girlsigh:

    Thanks again for all of you input, would love more if you have it!!:flowers: