* I'd love to share my Dior Gambler collection! *


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Hello, fellow Dior lovers! I'm absolutely in love with the Dior Gambler collection. Unfortunately, when it was first released, I was in my early 20's and couldn't afford it like I can today, lol! :roflmfao:
However, I've been picking up pieces on eBay, and would love to collect as much as I can! I want to collect all of the large gamblers ... and the matching wallets and shoes! Anyone who's seen my Dior, etc., collections, knows how I am about matching!
I also :heart: the limited edition smaller gamblers!

This is what I've collected so far ...

My yellow leopard large bowler:

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Addicted 29 Year Old
Thank you, Fashion Doctor, eminere, nataliam1976, and Elsie87! :flowers:

I'm really hoping that the collection gets even bigger this year. I kind of work in spurts ... last year, I vigorously picked up Gucci Blondie pieces to add to my collection, and this year, I want to focus on picking up as many Dior gambler pieces as possible (along with YSL Y-Mail!!!!) :graucho:

I :heart: the unique and funky Dior pieces ... the Hardcore, Trailer Trash and Rasta collections were some of my favs. ... amongst so many, really. :yes:


Aug 9, 2008
nice collection! hope you can find more!

i've got the necklace, i like to wear it when i go to vegas :shame: