I'd love to see photos of your non-bag Hermes items!

  1. Always one to indulge in eye candy, I would love to see photos of some of the non-bag items you have from Hermes. Although I love photos of bags, scarves, etc... I'd love to see some of the less-famous H items.

    I did this personally with Tiffany items, I am just getting seriously into Hermes but have collected Tiffany stuff since I was a little girl, expanding my collection to include some rare necklaces and even vintage coffee mugs.

    Seeing rare/random items like this makes me appreciate each facet of the Hermes brand, and realize the level of creativity in the design of these less-known pieces.

    Do any of you have items like this, and wouldn't mind sharing photos?

    Some ideas are:

    Ready to Wear
    Home items
    any random H trinket you may have, such as this little item from Luxury Zurich:

    (photo: Luxury-Shops.com)
  2. What a great idea for a thread! Since the selection on the website is so limited and I seldom venture past the scarf counter at Hermes, it's easy for me to forget that Hermes makes just about everything! I always love seeing some of the rare items that people have!
  3. Probably not what you're looking for but I've been wearing it the last few days!


    I'm also waiting on a pareo:

  4. Great items. :smile: Laboheme, I especially love the turtle pareo. Hopefully, you'll be receiving it soon. :smile:
  5. Are these non-bag items...oh well maybe not, (they're in my briefcase)....