I'd love to get myself...

  1. ...a genuine 1930/40 vintage Louis Vuitton travel case. One furniture store in town has one in the showcase, selling for roughly $3,500. I'll see if I can take a picture of it tomorrow.

    Sigh, I really want one. :sad:
  2. hmm.. There are a TON of new purses I'd like to get my hands on. However, a nice luggage set from LV would be fun too
  3. I'd love to get myself...10 Hermes Birkins.
    In black, green (jade green), red, and whatever color I wanna wear. LOL
  4. i'd like a chanel ligne cambon multipocket reporter bag in black with a black logo. i love this bag so much!
  5. an LV Murakami Brown Cherry Blossom Retro - but making sure it was authentic would be a *****.
  6. I'd love to get myself that black croc birkin with diamond accents that sold for like $60,000+ :lol:
  7. Just a Chloe Paddy in chocolate brown for me ! ;)
  8. I'd get the most expesive purse available....crusted in diamonds, BUt only if jerry the jewler, gave it o me for free...!!!
  9. Who's Jerry? Dont you mean Jacob?